About Total Church Solutions

Our leadership has spanned four generations, and is engaged as ever. We have designed, developed and supported professional services and products for churches for over 90 years! We have a thorough understanding of how churches operate and the obstacles they face. We decided to extend our knowledge to the internet by building an affordable platform to assist in the function and growth of your church.

Over the years, we have witnessed church staffs as large as 30 paid/volunteer individuals contributing to member communication, staffing, contribution recording, event / volunteer coordinators, etc. Now, we are watching these same churches trying to survive all the while being staffed with 15 paid/volunteer individuals and asked to do double the workload therefore neglecting important communication. Modern day churches are clustering, merging and in most cases more members are attending a single church location only to be falling short with communication, contributions and organizational abilities. Ultimately, the church community will pay the price.

Total Church Solutions was specifically designed to eliminate these challenges by utilizing technology. Total Church Solutions researches internal data like contribution recording, census information, giving trends, calendar events and produces instant personalized member feedback to be used as a communication tool for your members.

Total Church Solutions provides a secure platform for members to communicate within their own Social Network which opens a resource of communication whereas members and church leaders can discuss topics, listen to music, explore volunteer opportunities, post service opportunities and simply inform members of church happenings.

Total Church Solutions firmly believes that through involvement evolves engagement.

Mission Statement

To provide calculated assistance to the church using the latest technology with a long term view of increasing member spiritual stewardship growth through engagement, enlightenment and ultimately empowerment.